Our Product

The Quantum Diamond Microscope (QDM) is a premier imaging tool based on nitrogen vacancy (NV) centers in diamond — providing non-invasive magnetic imaging with high spatial resolution and wide field-of-view.

Pioneering Expertise

Developed in the labs of QDM.IO co-founders Roger Fu and Ronald Walsworth, the QDM enables wide-field imaging of magnetic fields, with applications spanning geoscience, bio-imaging, electronics, materials characterization, and quantum research.


Image millitesla to nanotesla magnetic fields

Tunable spatial resolution down to less than one micron and field-of-view up to four millimeters in a single image. Larger samples can be readily mapped by tiling multiple images.

Correlate Magnetic and Optical Images

Collect magnetic and optical images of samples using the same optical system for straightforward co-registration.

Vector Measurements

The diamond sensor enables reconstruction of the magnitude and direction of magnetic fields, providing superior reconstruction of magnetic source distributions.

Quantum-Grade Diamond

Manufactured by QDM.IO partner Element Six, with properties optimized for microscale magnetic field mapping applications.

Robust and Easy to Use

Operates with no cryogenics, vacuum systems, special infrastructure, or power requirements.
QDM dimensions CAD


Operated Using Ferrum

Fully-integrated, python-based software with an intuitive graphical user interface enables users to quickly configure scans, monitor progress, and analyze data.

Real-Time Data Analysis

Convert raw hyperspectral imaging data to magnetic field maps in seconds using a suite of GPU-accelerated analysis tools, transforming the QDM user experience.

Built from the Ground Up for Wide-Field Magnetic Imaging

Continuously updated with new features and supported by expert QDM.IO technical staff.